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   From: Kenneth Williams
   Mathematician & Veteran Math Teacher


Dear Friend,

He was a shy boy whose grades were low.

To make matters worse, a teacher had told him he was "no good at mathematics."

In desperation, his parents hired me to tutor the boy in the family home.

Among various math exercises, I taught him how to multiply a pair of two-digit numbers together in his head.

He picked this technique up quite quickly.

I then taught him a way to multiply a pair of three-digit numbers.

This took longer to learn. But with a little practice, he did it.

He had learned to do something his math teacher couldn't do.

I will always remember the look in that boy's eyes...

The confidence, the pride, the sheer joy of being correct set this boy on the right path.

And he went on to achieve good grades in his mathematics class.

Now let me ask you a question:

What made the difference?

What do you think caused such a dramatic turnabout in this boy's mathematical "ability"?

It wasn't his brain. Nor his family upbringing. Nor his determination to be good at math.

The problem was something far simpler...

It was the techniques he was using.

Are you surprised to learn there are different ways to solve math problems other than the school methods?

Schools do their best. And teachers work hard. But some students just don't "gel" with the curriculum.

Something is missing.

I can tell you what that something is...

Mathematics the natural way

Have you ever heard of Vedic mathematics? It's a system that began in India over 3000 years ago.

I have studied, simplified, and taught Vedic Mathematics for decades.

In all my research, I have never found a better way of communicating key math skills to students who are "just no good at math".

The Vedic approach succeeds where other systems fail because the techniques are simple and natural.

You can be sure any so-called "math whiz" has been lucky enough to have met a teacher who knew enough about the Vedic system.

How you can experience math the Vedic way

A little Vedic math will open your eyes to what is possible for your kids - and their math grades.

Where's the best place to start?

Right inside my Fun With Figures ebook.

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Kind regards,

Kenneth Williams

P.S. After you download and open the ebook, pay special attention to pages 8 and 10.

These techniques alone will show you kids how to subtract like pro mathematicians.